last revised : September 9, 2020

Who do I contact if I have questions about HireBIPOC?

If your questions or concerns are not addressed in our FAQ, you can send an email to

How does the site work?

HireBIPOC will facilitate and increase BIPOC hiring in Canadian media & entertainment (television, film, digital) – whether Canadian or shot-in-Canada – in roles at all levels, across all areas of the industry – including production (above and below the line), behind the scenes, communications & marketing, and on-air.

How do I update my account or profile?

Go to Account > Edit My Account to update your Email and Password. 

Go to Account > Edit My Profile to update your Profile information.

Can I delete my account or profile?

Yes. Go to Account > Edit My Account > Delete My Account. Once this action is performed your account and profile will be removed from the site.

How do I download a list of candidates?

Once you have signed up as a Recruiter and your account is approved by an Admin, you can download a list of candidates through the Hire Now section of the site. Perform a search with your preferred criteria, once results appear, click the button to Download Results. 

How do I change my email address?

Go to Account > Edit Account > Edit Email Address and enter a new email address in the form. You should receive an email once you update.

How do you ensure privacy and safety of personal information?

HireBIPOC will require productions, companies, and other organizations to register for a password-protected account in order to access contact details to ensure privacy and security of personal info and data.

As we are committed to ensuring that HireBIPOC. is a safe space, we will be asking companies that register to use HireBIPOC. to include anti-oppression training as part of their regular safety and anti-harassment training for their crew/staff.

What are the design intentions behind the site?

Functionality and user experience has been prioritized in the design and development of HireBIPOC to ensure ease of use for all users of the site, including producers, production managers, HR departments. The site features practical options like the ability to create and download custom lists of potential candidates.
We have prioritized building a system that is equitable and does not inadvertently create or foster additional bias. To this end, we have streamlined and pared down information on individual member profile pages to essential hiring details – contact info, how individuals self-identify racially, most recent credit, range of years of experience, and links to relevant materials (ie. demo reel, IMDB, personal website).

What is the definition of Sexual Identity or Sexual Orientation used across the site?

Sexual orientation describes the physical, emotional and affectionate attraction an individual feels for another individual. 

What is the definition of Gender used across the site?

Gender refers to the gender you feel and/or publicly express in your daily life. Your gender may differ from what is indicated on your current legal documents.

What is the definition of Ethnicity used across the site?

Ethnicity refers to one’s ethnic or cultural origins or roots and should not be confused with citizenship, nationality, language or place of birth.